Justin Streufert designs and builds user interfaces.


I've had the privilege to learn from the best and do impactful work at companies large and small. I've continually absorbed new technologies and practices, while gaining the wisdom to discern true innovations from among the fads.
2012 - 2020


Forward Deployed Engineer
  • Headed design and front-end development of a core data analysis product. Built as a configurable, pluggable, internationalized single-page web app, this tool opened new areas of business for the company by enabling non-technical users to perform ad-hoc query and analysis over large and complex data sets. It consistently allowed users to produce novel, actionable insights at the multiple high-profile organizations where it was deployed.
  • Designed and built novel interactive visualizations to allow human-scale views of huge data sets. These visualizations brought trends, outliers, and suspicious activity into focus, helping users understand their data in ways they hadn't thought possible.
  • Designed and rapidly prototyped critical web applications for an international broadcasting company. Created adaptive interfaces that balanced flexibility and simplicity, meeting the needs of both advanced users and busy executives.
  • Iterated in a tight loop with end users to build interfaces that truly served their needs, while balancing individual customer use cases with the product's applicability to a wider audience.
  • Addressed complex security interface problems in an environment requiring absolute trust.
  • Contributed quality code across a spectrum of codebases from back-end Java and Ruby to front-end TypeScript with React/Redux.
2011 - 2012

Curb Mobility

Senior Software Engineer
  • Led design and full-stack development of a new user-facing web app, enabling the company to expand into a new market. Took charge of user experience and visual design from concept and wireframes to the finished product.
  • Designed and prototyped mobile app workflows that simplified a complex ride-hailing process, measurably improving user success.
  • Helped a rapidly growing business scale their backend systems through database optimization, caching, and the redesign of key processes. Maintained stability of applications and APIs as usage climbed exponentially.
  • Designed a system for synchronizing video over the air to thousands of mobile devices, and implemented a web app for managing media and its metadata.
  • Took responsibility for the company's core finance platform, maintaining and improving processes including reconciliation, partner APIs, and a search interface.
2010 - 2011

Wireless Matrix

Senior Software Developer
  • Designed and developed the web front-end of an analytics application serving the diverse interactive and batch reporting needs of fleet telematics customers.
  • Created a human-readable report definition language, allowing nontechnical colleagues to design flexible reports.
  • Designed and rapidly built data visualization interfaces, optimizing for usability across a diverse set of use cases. The product exposed complex features without confusing busy users.
  • Set standards and mentored colleagues to ensure product quality and maintainability.
2009 - 2010


Ruby Developer
Developed full-stack Ruby on Rails apps at the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
2008 - 2009


Worked on the company's core product, a Ruby on Rails app offering groundbreaking fundraising tools to nonprofits. Developed across the full stack and solved complex user interface problems.
2003 - 2008


Internet Application Developer
Built, optimized, and secured web applications. Helped customize and manage the content management system for AARP.org, serving the nonprofit's 38 million members.


I am listed as an inventor on three United States patents related to my interface design work.


January 16, 2018
Computer-based optimized insertion of non-program media items in media programs


April 17, 2018
Systems and methods for importing data from electronic data files


August 7, 2018
Overview user interface of emergency call data of a law enforcement agency

Selected Skills

I'm happiest when I'm learning something new. Here's some of what I've learned so far.

Web Front-End

I build performant, maintainable, reliable, thoughtful front-ends using modern technologies and techniques. Most recently these have included TypeScript, React/Redux, Webpack, LESS/SCSS, and many others.

UX and UI Design

I've taken multiple products and features through every phase of design. I am a strong advocate for user needs, while remaining grounded with an understanding of technological constraints. When a system's complexity threatens to overwhelm its users, I work tirelessly to achieve balance.

Web Back-End

I've designed and implemented numerous RESTful, real-time, graph and query APIs and services using Node, Java, Ruby, and Python.